Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Longest FPS Games of all Times

First Person Shooters (FPS) are the most popular Genre of PC Gaming. This post shows the result of a survey conducted to find which game people think is the longest FPS so far released.

For those who are still troubled by definition of FPS Genre, here is a picture which shows a FPS game. You are carying the gun and the shooting things in the World in front of your eyes; this is FPS (First Person Shooter).

FPS Definition
We had a long list of games and after completion of the Survey we decided to just present Top 10 of the longest FPS games on PC.

Top 10 Longest FPS PC Games (Chart):

Top 10 Longest FPS PC Games

The controversial aspect: Difficulty Level

The important point to remember here is that the game can last very very long if the difficulty level is set at higher settings. The above chart does not cover any information on difficulty level.

Top 10 Longest FPS PC Games (Details):

 1. Half Life Series:

Half Life 1
Half Life 2

 The Longest voted game was the Half Life Series and indeed its The Game.

Main Series:

This Game is in action for over 15 years now. The main series comprises:
  • Half-Life (Main game released in 1998 and below are its expansion packs): BUY
    • Opposing Force
    • Blue Shift
    • Decay
  • Half-Life 2 (Main Game released in 2005 and below are its expansion packs): BUY
    • Episode One
    • Episode Two 
Expansion Packs:
These games have set the rules for a good FPS game and there MODS are played like Hell by people around the World. Let me name a few:
  • Counter Strike BUY
  • Counter Strike Source  BUY
  • Team Fortress 1 & 2 BUY
You can read more about this game at wikipedia: Half Life Series

2. Far Cry Series: 

Farcry 2
Farcry 3

The Game with great long distance scenes and high end graphics with fierce fight and amazingly low system requirements. The game would keep you engaged for a very long time. It was voted a the second longest FPS depending upon its difficulty, if you raise it than you will be on for a very long time.

Main Series:

The game series so far has three parts:

You can read more about this game at wikipedia: Farcry Series

3. Deus Ex Series:

Deus Ex 3
Deus Ex
Deus ex 2

 If you like a killer story than stop looking and play this. The game has the most fantastic story and a very long gameplay.

Main Series:

  • Deus Ex BUY
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War BUY
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution BUY 
You can read more about this game at wikipedia: Deus Ex Series

4. Unreal Series:

Unreal 2






This is the game that started the revolution of unreal engine. The engine used by this game is used in its different version for many many games, both in past, present and future. The game was in tight race with the above 2 for spot 1 but just by a small margin it came at 3.

Main Series: 

You can read more about this game at wikipedia: Unreal Series

5. Doom Series:


Doom 3
Doom 2

The game which started it all. It is a fact that First Person Shooter games were initially called "doom clones" and according to surveys the name "FPS" became dominant in 1998. See for yourself:

Genre naming trend of FPS
 The games so far has 3 main releases:
  • Doom: BUY
  • Doom 2: BUY
  • Doom 3: BUY
    • Doom 3 Expansion Pack: BUY

Doom 4 is still in development.
You can read more about this game on wikipedia: Doom Series

6. Thief Series:


Thief 3
Thief II

Thief 4


This awesome stealth game has three main releases and fourth one on its way in 2014. Its not pure FPS but it combines more than one genre in it and provides a spectacular gaming experience.

 You can read more about this game at wikipedia: Thief Series

7. Quake Series:

Quake 3
Quake 2

Quake 4


Another fine game originating in 90s with its fan base still strong around the world. The game is pure FPS with elements very similar to Unreal Tournament. The game so far has 4 releases:

  • Quake: BUY
  • Quake II: BUY
  • Quake III Arena: BUY
  • Quake 4: BUY
Read more at Wikipedia about his great game: Quake Series

8. Max Payne Series:

Max Payne1
Max Payne 2
Max Payne 3

Like the thief series this game does not fit in pure FPS category but it has mixed elements of numerous genres and it gives a great gameplay. The series so far has released 3 titles:

  • Max Payne 1: BUY
  • The Fall of Max Payne: BUY
  • Max Payne 3: BUY
Read more about this great game at Wikipedia: Max Payne Series

9. System Shock 2:

System Shock 2


Most of us would consider this game old, but its the most rewarding gameplay ever. There is immense variety and depth while the story is awesome. The game has a predecessor but its too old to mention here. However most of would not have known this: Bioshock is sequel of system shock 2 and its a FPS as well.

  • System Shock 2: BUY
  • Bioshock: BUY
Read more from wikipedia here: System Shock 2 and Bioshock

10. Serious Sam Series:

Serious Sam 3
Serious Sam 2
Serious Sam 1

Another fine game and its the pure FPS as it can get. This is the number 10 in rating but this is a very long game as well and will keep you occupied for quiet some time.

  • Serious Sam: BUY
  • Serious Sam II: BUY
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE: BUY
Read more about this game series on wikipedia: Serious Sam Series